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Chorus Update


The choral and band spring concert will be May 13th

at First Baptist Church of Douglasville

at 7:00 PM

Students should be dropped off/in assigned place by 6:15 PM please.


The sanctuary will be open for guests at approximately 6:50 PM.  This room will be closed to all guests from 6:15-6:50, but you are welcome to wait in the atrium or simply drop off your student at 6:10 and return for the concert by 7.


Join Us !

The chorus and band  celebration (formerly called the fine arts banquet) will still be held on Thursday, May 15th at 6 PM  This new event will be a celebration with activities and food for the whole family.  Save the date for the casual, fun-filled family evening!




FMS Fall Choral Concert

(all three grade levels of Chorus Students)

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

First Baptist Church of Douglasville

Students Report by 6:20 PM

Concert Begins at 7:00 PM


 Congratulations FMS Chorus

for earning all superiors!!!

Fairplay Festival Singers earned all superior performance ratings as well as a superior rating in sight reading at Georgia Music Educators Association's Large Group Performance Evaluation on Monday, March 18th.  Tot those of you familiar with the numerical scale... superior=1.  This is the highest rating:)  Singers performed: "Catate Domino" & "I Bought Me A Cat."  You did an amazing job of expressing in Cantate and communicating the story in the Copland piece.  Bravo!! 

Save these dates: 

 Tuesday, April 2nd:  Trip Singers only rehearse from 4-5:20, eat at 5:30, trip meeting at 6 PM

Tuesday, April 2nd - All students going to Washington D.C. must attend out trip meeting along with a parent at 6 PM in the cafeteria.  Immediately following this brief meeting, all trip chaperones will meet. 


Monday, April 22 - Trip Singers only after school until 5:15 rehearse in the chorus room.

Monday, April 29 - Trip Singers only after school until 5:15 rehearse in the chorus room.

Washington DC Trip is May 1st - May 4th

May 7th (Tuesday) after school until 5:30 Rehearsal for ALL CHORUS STUDENTS.  All three grade levels, all chorus singers must attend this rehearsal for our Spring Concert.

Monday, May 13th our Chorus Spring Concert is at New Manchester High School at 7 PM.  All Singers should report to the NMHS Chorus Room at 6:20 PM in their black concert attire. Guests may be seated in the theatre starting at 6:20 if they like until the beginning of the concert at 7 P,M.

Select Singers will perform at the Douglas County Courthouse on Thursday, May 16th at 12:15.  Permission forms will be sent home with selected performers.  This performance is during the school day and transportation is provided via school bus. 



earlier notes...


Monday, March 11th

7th & 8th grade chorus will rehearse for festival

after school until 5:15 PM in the chorus room.


Thursday, November 8th, rehearsal after school til 5:30.


November 9th: Veterans Day Programs during school at 9:30 AM & 12:45 PM.


Tuesday, December 4th rehearsal after school until 5:30 PM


Wednesday, December 12th off Campus Performance for select singers during school hours


Wednesday, December 12th rehearsal after school until 5 PM for all singers


Monday, December 17th Winter Concert at Central Bapt. Church.  Singers report by 6:30, concert at 7 PM (black concert attire)

 Wednesday, December 19th, Douglas County Courthouse Performance at 12:15 PM:  All grades... students must have participated in rehearsals and the December 17th Concert in order to go to the Courthouse Performance. 

Friday, December 21st Perform at School Assembly at 9 AM-10 AM


Friday, December 21st - off campus performance for select students from 10 PM- 2PM 







Spring Trip:

Our trip is now sold out!  Thanks for your over-whelming response to what promised to be a fantastic opportunity! 

For those who still wish to add the trip....We are creating a "waiting list," and if there are enough participants on that list to support the costs of adding a third bus, then we will add another bus.  Please do NOT send in your money at this point.  Simply e-mail Ms. Terry if you want your child's name added to the list.  If a third bus is added, you will be notified and your $75 payment will be requested immediately.  We will take reservations based on the time stamp of the e-mail you send.  Please do not e-mail Ms. Terry to add your name to the waiting list unless you would be able to pay your $75 immediately if accepted.    



Thanks for a wonderful, fun performance at September Saturdays!

Please remember to deliver your cookie dough orders to your customers and to thank them for their support.  Prize day is just around the corner!

Remember our spring trip deposit of $75 is due by October 17th.  As of today I have only 19 seats remaining.

Most recent performance.....

Douglas County Courthouse: Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Students should arrive by 2PM

* Please note that this is s large, busy event.  You'll need to arrive early to secure parking.    

Students gather to the right (as you are facing the stage) of the front steps stage area to line up.  Students should wear school appropriate casual attire.  No specific color or shirt is required for this performance.  Students should silence their cell phones and/or leave them with you before gathering for line up.  

In the event of any emergency/inclement weather...please check this website for updates. 

As soon as we are arranged on the steps, we'll begin our performance.  Please note that the performance is scheduled for 2:30, but we may begin earlier if the stage area is clear.  Students must be there at 2pm to be placed in their performance spot.  We will perform six selections and then students are immediately released to their parents in the audience. 

There will be many booths of various types set up in the parking lot.  You may want at to enjoy the festivities after our performance concludes.  I think they are also showing a movie at 8PM, so you may want to bring your lawn chairs and enjoy.     






2010-2011 FMS Chorus Members:

Thank you for your dedication this year.  We had so many wonderful performances, and I hope you all have a safe, fun-filled summer!  Check the website soon for next year's dates:)   


(Last Year)  Save these Dates!

If you view each month within the calendar section of chorus, you will see all of our dates for this new semester.  Please remember to reserve these performance dates, as they are required.  Below is a basic list of our performances this semester:


January - Douglas County Honor Chorus (40 FMS participants)

March - Large Group Performance Evaluation: Thursday, March 8th as assigned by GMEA.   

April - April 23rd mandatory rehearsal for:  all 7th & 8th grade chorus members, all chorus spring trip participants, and all 6th grade chorus males.  4-5:30 PM

April 24th - no rehearsal or performance for chorus.

April 26 - Elementary Tour for selected participants during the school day.

April 26 - Rehearsal for Trip Participants from 4- 5:15 PM

April 26 - Mandatory Trip Meeting:  Parents of Trip Participants.  5:30 PM in the bandroom 

May 4th & 5th - Band & Chorus Spring Trip

May 10 - All Chorus Reherasal form 4- 6:15 PM for the Spring Concert.  (At 6 PM the chorus will perform one song in the gym for 5th grade orientation.)    

May 14 - Chorus & Band Banquet at the Centre.  Reservation Letter Available under the "forms" section of the site.  

May 17 - Spring Band & Chorus Concert at Central Baptist.  Report time is 6:15 PM, concert begins at 7 PM

May 24 - End of the Year Program in the Gym about 8:45 AM... 


Last Semester...

The 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Chorus performed two songs on our 10th Annual Veterans Day Programs.  The two identical programs toke place in our school gym on Friday, November 11th at 9:30 AM & 12:50 PM.  We welcomed the community and Veterans as our guests as we honored these cherished heroes for their service and sacrifice.  Thanks to our teachers for their support of these programs and to our student body for being a wonderful and respectful audience for both programs.

Courthouse Performance on 12/8/11

Thank you students for a wonderful performance at the Courthouse!  Our presentation was aired live, but you may also view it as it will re-air on Saturdays in December on dctv23. Thanks too to all the guests who joined us live. 

Choral Christmas Concert 

Our Annual Christmas Concert was on Monday, December 12 at Central Baptist Church here in Douglasville. Thank you to all singers for a wonderful performance!  "Light a Candle" was beautiful! 


Our last performance of the semester ...

All chorus students should wear jeans and their blue/white/orange chorus shirt to school on Friday. December 16th.  Our Celebration Program at school will be during 5th and 1st period right after lunch.  The chorus will perform two songs, while the 7th & 8th Grade Band will also perform two selections for the student body.  I know you'll enjoy the program!  It will focus on what we've accomplished and what we're grateful for, celebrating the season, and looking toward our future goals.  It's all all about gratitude, joy, & hope.... our celebration as a Fairplay Family!      


You are invited to view additional Chorus information under the categories:

News, Calendar, Presentations, & Forms.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns at: