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Principal's Corner

Mid-Year Celebration

We have a lot to be proud of and celebrate this school year so far:

We raised our CCRPI score from a 74.4 to an 81.2

We had some of the best test scores in the county.

We had a very high ranking in the state with our test scores.

We have the county Champion Softball Team.

We have a REACH Scholar,  Carson Hucks.

Our Teacher of the Year is Noelle Belaski.

We made the football playoffs this year.

We have several students auditioning for district and state Honor Chorus and Honor Band.

We have had several great concerts from the band and chorus.

We have added some quality professionals to our staff.

We have celebrated a 5 star climate rating for two years in a row. 

We enjoyed Casey Bethel, Georgia Teacher of the Year as a guest speaker.

We have the best Cheerleaders in the county.

Our parent support is phenomenal and appreciated. 

We are small in student numbers but mighty in spirit.  We are working to be GREAT in 2017!