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Kidney, Yvonne Principal
Strong, Fhonda Assistant Principal

Arrington, Sue 7th and 8th Grade Gifted Science
Bailey, Sylvia 6th Grade Math / 6th Grade Reading / 7th Grade Reading
Belaski, Noelle 6th and 8th Grade Science
Bridges, William Physical Education
Broome, Jonathan Connections - Band / Connections - Computer Literacy
Davis, Rhonda 7th Grade Gifted Math /8th Grade Gifted Math / Math Chair
Davis, Shamelia French
Ellis, Chris 6th and 7th Grade Language Arts
Fuqua, Alison 7th Grade Language Arts / 7th Grade Gifted Language Arts / 8th Grade Gifted Language Arts
George, Heather 6th Grade Reading / 7th Grade Reading / 8th Grade Reading
Griffin, Adrienne Physical Education / Health
Hall, Ray Connections - Art
Hamilton, Debbie 7th Grade Language Arts / 7th Grade Social Studies
Hilderbrand, Leslie 8th Grade Math
Hindman, Pamela 6th Grade Gifted Social Studies/ 7th Grade Gifted Social Studies/ Social Studies Department Chair
Jochum, Darby 6th Grade Gifted Math / 6th Grade Reading
Jochum, Kalyn 6th Grade Math / 7th Grade Science
Kitchens, Beverly Interrelated Language Arts / Interrelated Reading
Lawley, Leslie Interrelated Math / Interrelated Reading / Study Skills
Mallory, Jordan 8th Grade Language Arts
Moncus, Mariann Physical Education / Health
Oliver, Lynett Interrelated Math / Interrelated Reading / Study Skills
Overton, Sandy 6th Grade Language Arts / 6th Grade Gifted Language Arts / Language Arts Dept Chair
Palmer, Lydia 6th Grade Science / 6th Grade Gifted Science/ 6th Grade Gifted Social Studies / 6th Grade Chair
Parham, Kristine 6th grade Earth Science / 8th Grade Science
Pittman, Edward 8th Grade Social Studies
Rogers, Janice 8th Grade Science/ 8th Grade Social Studies / 8th Gifted Social Studies/8th Grade Chair
Sheperd, Robert 7th Grade Math/ 8th Grade Math / 7th Grade Level Chair
Terry, Lynnelle Connections - Chorus / Connections - Study Skills
Waters, Shannon 6th Grade Reading / 6th Grade Gifted Reading
Wiggins, Angela 6th Grade Social Studies/Computer Literacy
Wilkerson, David Spanish

Barnett, Kristy Media Clerk
Brown, Marie Office Clerk
Bunker, Kelly IR Paraprofessional
Burdett, Kim Counselor
Clemmons, Chez Counselor
Crispell, Sandy Educational Evaluator
Crumley, Cynthia ISS Paraprofessional
Davenport, Deputy School Resource Officer
Guadalupe, Daryl Paraprofessional
Gummere, Robin Speech Language Pathologist
Hill, Melissa Cafeteria Manager
Kemp, Johnnie Custodian
Lindley, HB Custodian
Nelson, Wylene Office Manager
Nicholson, Micki Media Specialist
Palmer, Gwen Attendance Clerk
Patterson, Emilee School Psychologist
Pfontz, Marla ESOL
Walker, Fhara School Social Worker